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Lena Carlsson, co-author of “Messengers of the Brain”, has been working as a freelance science journalist for more than 20 years. The topics have been most varied, such as the origin of life, the elusive ball lightning, strange animals on the see floor, the sun’s influence on climate, and bacteria’s “consciousness”... Lena also contributes to, a website that informs about schizophrenia. 
In her spare time Lena devotes herself to painting, visiting art exhibitions and listening to music. 

Lena Carlsson has a Bachelor of Arts, including studies in chemistry, microbiology, geology and genetics. She has also studied psychology and medical chemistry. 
In 1978 Lena won the first prize in an MS competition on Vetandets Värld, a popular science magazine on the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation. Her competition entry was about virus. In 1993 she was awarded with a journalist prize from Svenska Kemiingenjörers Riksförening, which is an organisation of Swedish chemical engineers. Lena received this prize for her ability to write in intelligible language about research areas that are hard to understand. Lena has  written articles in the Swedish newspapers and magazines Dagens Nyheter, Folket i Bild/Kulturfront, Forskning och Framsteg, Göteborgsposten, Kemisk Tidskrift/Kemivärlden and Läkemedelsvärlden, among other papers. She also contributes to (under the name of Lena U Carlsson), where the texts are in English as well. Hubin (Human Brain Informatics), which is a neuroscientific research project at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, also informs professionals and the public about schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. On this site Lena has for instance written about the history of psychiatry, artists who suffered from schizophrenia, and the situation of mentally ill persons´ relatives. 

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